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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Addicting Browser Based Monster MMORPG Better Than Pokemon Online Games Review

MonsterMMORPG entered the browser games world very solidly and making big impact on F2P browser MMORPGs market.

Positive Aspects Of The Game

  • Totally free to play
  • No plugin, client or download required
  • Play anywhere, anytime
  • A lot of good quality monsters
  • Fun gameplay
  • Clean gameplay with anti cheating measures
  • Active community

Negative Aspects Of The Game

  • The theme looks too old and need to be updated 
  • Development is not complete yet
Rating: 9.3/10 Review By Games Expert

MonsterMMORPG aka Monster MMORPG keep making impact on browser MMORPG games world. The game developer itself is a computer engineer who is graduated third best university (Istanbul Technical University) of Turkey and living in Turkey. MonsterMMORPG is a single person developed indie game.

MonsterMMORPG started as a university graduation project. The developer did not give up on project and opened website. Till then he is continuously developing the game.

MonsterMMORPG collecting its images from talented artists at deviantart. Also the developer hired 2 professional artists for new maps and new monsters.

Several examples of new awesome quality monsters of monster mmorpg

Vesuverex (Rock & Fire): [Image: 042_Vesuverex.png]
Korrodo (Dragon & Poison): [Image: 043_Korrodo.png]

Goritaur (Ground & Fighting): [Image: 044_Goritaur.png]
Vydral (Electric & Poison): [Image: 045_Vydral.png]

MonsterMMORPG also hired a very professional pixel artist for new great quality maps and here several of them

[Image: 090-route75.PNG] [Image: 091-TOWN.PNG] [Image: 092-route76.PNG] [Image: 093-route77.PNG] [Image: 094-route78.PNG]

MonsterMMORPG is planning to make some massive updates hopefully at this summer. The developer claiming that after this massive update the game will become one of the best addicting games available on the internet.

MonsterMMORPG has an awesome dex which let you look at all monsters features with a lot of filtering features. We can say that this dex is advanced than other Pokemon Online games Pokedex . But if you are insisting on seeing all monster images before starting the game monster mmorpg also provides you a page where you can look at all of the great quality monsters.

MonsterMMORPG planning to make impact on the game world by collecting many talented volunteer artists. This way the developer planning to have simply countless awesome content such as monsters. For example right now several very talented artists of monstermmorpg redrawing the current monsters with higher quality.

[Image: 568Akhuluit.png] [Image: 651Kelvice.png] [Image: 652Meteoid.png] [Image: 656Solord.png] [Image: 657Lunardian.png] [Image: 658Alaclipse.png] [Image: 659Alieian.png]

MonsterMMORPG game play videos are also very instructive and not boring. If you watch the videos you can learn how to play the game very easily.

The game screenshots page also giving you great idea about the game. They are all HD quality.

Game also has a very cool maps page where you can see the available maps right now with their features.

MonsterMMORPG  also provides great collecting of avatars that you can use for your profile image. They are really good quality.

Game banners are also awesome you better check them.

MonsterMMORPG also has a very active game community forum. You can discuss things there, get help there and communicate with other players. Game embedded chat screen also a plus but having a forum another plus.